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Top 10 Underappreciated Characters by DawnFelix Top 10 Underappreciated Characters by DawnFelix

You know there are certain video game, cartoon and anime characters who seem to have all the luck and attention. Characters like Mario, Ichigo, Solid Snake, Twilight Sparkle, Master Chief, Luffy, or even the dastardly Sephiroth are have endured over the years and are never in need of more fans or attention.

So, this list is for the characters that are underrated and also hate with many but which characters aren't so lucky? Which characters are far too underrated? Before we start let make the rules.


1. Only one per franchise.

2. And only for games that I play or watch on walkthrought and cartoon, and anime that I watch.

So, here is the list of my Top 10 Underappreciated games, cartoon and anime characters. If you disagree with this list then so be it since this list is a bias prospective, but please be respectful about it.



10. Orihime Inoue from Bleach: She's constantly seen as a useless princess to be rescued but she's anything but useless. She does really heal, she rejects reality and uses it for healing purposes because that is her role, character and personality.

Based on this, she is far greater a healer than any mere lieutenant and Unohana even stated that her capabilities go beyond even hers even if she isn't great in battle but her new shield is pretty damn impressive to make Kugo's fullbring look like such a fodder and she can literally uncreate objects.

She may not be as skillet like Ichigo or Kenpachi but no one has powers like her's healing abilities. She isn't always the brightest character as she is typically portrayed as innocent, but she is someone who is very caring and loving for her friends as she always get worry for them.

One of her best moments was allowing herself to be taken and put all of her friends before her own personal will very honorable, and her character role is based on a support role standing in a position to have a shield to be on defense, or and her healing technique which is flawless.

I have no problem with Orihime really, Orihime has a fun personality and she a kind person. I just think a lot people hate her a lot because of the kurosaki-kun nonsense, annoying yes, but that's not a good enough reason for me to dislike her.

She is number 10 because, she needs more growth as a character and I don't have much memory about her.


9. Sakura Haruno from Naruto: I never did not like Sakura Haruno at first since she started as a spoiled and bitchy girl, and the way she threat Naruto and she was like Amy Rose a pink female hedgehog who have a huge obsessed for Sonic The Hedgehog.

Well, that how Sakura was with Sasuke in the first Naruto series, and every second was annoying the hell of me but she has gotten much better in personality and development in the Shippuden series so that is saying a lot but I want to keep watching to see how she too out for the later episode.


8. Sanji from One Piece: I admit it that I haven't watched the entire anime and I haven’t read the whole manga, but up until now I see some light on Sanji as he manages to be in situation more equal than Usopp and Nami.


Even he cannot produce weather phenomena, cannot create weather-machines and needs to be close to the enemy while fighting, he does not have any special protection or unnatural parts, he doesn't have weapons that are almost alive and can cut through anything, he doesn't have the power of the Devil's Fruit and yet.


He is there fighting powerful foes when he still have that cigarette on his mouth, he is straight and happy to even do the cooking as it is his true aim in life. But he is low in the list because he is not that underrate, and because he easy get beat with a girl on a fight.


7. Fi from Zelda Skyward Sword: She is recognizable and important character in the Zelda series. She's also extremely annoying, with her constant interruption to point the obviously situation but she was jus tried to help and also she can be extremely useful as she served as Link's ever-present companion, providing him with advice.

And she sometime creep me out when she sing without moving her mouth but it was sad to see her go to sleep forever on the Master Sword never to see her again.


6. Bulma from Dragon Ball series: Her character developed better than any other in the series. Initially she was a source of juvenile humor a traces I don't like at all but later she matured into a woman who could take care of her family and became important to reflect on the softer side of Vegeta and a important part of the series too.

I mean she invented the Dragon Radar a very important equipment for our heroes, and plus she invented the Bruitz Wave Generator which allowed Vegeta to go super saiyan 4. she basically is the most uncelebrated the "genius" of the show can possibly be.

She always made me laugh, suppose I was laughing at her, but also with her. Her character development was pretty good, She is one of the comic relief and the real human heart of the series that people end to like!


5. Cosmo from Sonic X: Cosmo was a plant based character introduced in Sonic X anime, she was the main love interest for Tails, and had an interesting history behind her. Most of her hate comes from the fact that she is not an animal like other Sonic characters, and the most stupid reason that she supposedly "stole" Tails from Cream, her personality also tends to annoy some of the fans.

I honestly find this very creative character creation. This wasn't another hedgehog or a fox girl for Tails, it was something different than usual, and when I was watching Sonic X I was very impressed, and also this thing between Tails and Cream is very ridicules.

To started Tails is probably more older that Cream so this is probably is pedophilia territory like Sparity shipping. Some people even call Cosmo a Mary-Sue but she is not a Mary Sue because, Cosmo is clumsy, somewhat weak, has a self esteem issue, and a somewhat whiny attitude.

Is that annoying? Not that much as I never expect that all Sonic characters become a kiss ass. It also states the Cosmo even thinks she is useless, but in the end of it all, she gains a lesson, knowing that she isn't useless as she believe, and that she can do her part but it cost her life, and watching the love of her life heartbroken.

I think Cosmo is actually a very brave character, willing to die for what she thinks is right, and even if she is a bit whiny, clumsy, and maybe even a letdown, but she makes up for all of that in the end of Sonic X, when she chose to die to save her friends and the galaxy.

And that is why she get my respect not all characters need to be kiss ass to be likeable, long live Cosmo the Seedrian.


4. Oerba Dia Vanille from Final Fantasy 13: It goes without saying that the seconds after my attempt to defend a sweet, innocent girl, and that girl is playable character know as Vanille from Final Fantasy XIII. For the gaming community, Vanille is a little bit annoying in some part maybe but honestly I feel Vanille is getting a really bad rap for not reason.

In fact, she is one of favorite characters in Final Fantasy XIII! Even though I am don't yet finish or play Final Fantasy XIII for a long time because these option mission drawn me crazy! I am having a little trouble completely following the story but lucky I spoiler myself with wikias.

But I'm still confuse for the storyline since most of the important plot elements are words created for the Final Fantasy universe, I find myself confusing the terms l'Cie, fal'Cie, and Cie'th on many separate occasions.

My favorite Vanille scene so far in Final Fantasy XIII occurs about into the game was when Sazh and Vanille have just finished a really tough battle in a Junkyard and are exhausted. While resting on the edge of a giant, broken machine, Sazh pours his heart out about his missing son and why he got involved in the group’s suicide mission to begin with.

The scene is super dramatic and very moving, everything accentuated by a gorgeous musical score. It is a really touching moment as Sazh finishes his story, Vanille stands up, lets out her obnoxious laugh and smacks Sazh on the back as if he just told a hilarious joke.

But, you know what? I kind of loved it! Vanill's reaction to Sazh's heart-to-heart was totally inappropriate, but it really made me laugh. And this completely inappropriate attitude continues throughout the entire game. It seems Vanille can't take anything seriously, even under the most dramatic of circumstances.

This would usually annoy the heck out of some people, but, coming from her, it just makes me smile, and yeah sure she can be a little annoying because she loves to talk a lot, she laughs at everything, she gets excited about the littlest things. She loves to wear revealing tops that show off her belly but I blame that on the pervert designer.

And no one so judge a character for their voice in the most part. People mature like myself judge the character for their action and Vanilla so far at least support Lightning's team one way and another, and even she show to be weak is our fault the player for not spend time on level her up and also she was a great medic.

Every team need a medic without them no one can continue the gameplay without spend money on medicines so yeah she not that useless as you believe. So, yeah there are not reason to hate her most the haters are immature.


3. Aquaman from DC Universe: I just had to put Aquaman on this list because it's just getting to me how completely under appreciated he is. The Aquaman joke is so instilled in the character that it's actually become a running gag in his book! How sad is that?

Aquaman is DC's whipping boy and why is that? Because He's a water themed hero? How is that even a joke? It has to be something deeper. The Aquaman joke is almost iconic at this point that it's boring.

According to his first origin story, Arthur Curry is the son of Atlanna an Atlantean princess banished from Atlantis due to her interest in and frequent visits to the surface world, and Tom Curry, a surface man and lighthouse keeper.

Jeez, why so many characters have their mothers be banish? Society it's cruel everywhere but anyway, Atlanna died when Arthur was young, leaving Arthur with his father. Determined to prepare the boy, Tom Curry trained Arthur from a young age to be in control of his powers.

Arthur was also instilled with a greater sense of morality, and an appreciation for his gifts. Even after Tom Curry's death, the lessons he left with Arthur continued to grow. This would lead him to travelling the Oceans as a protector, and eventually becoming King of the Seven Seas.

He would see his potential fulfilled as Aquaman role. Also, Arthur is a founding member of the Justice League, and a powerhouse all on his own. Aquaman can breathe underwater and communicate with sea life. A class 100 super strength and durability gives Aquaman the ability to trade blows with the likes of Superman and Shazaam.

Arthur's senses are 15 times greater than a standard human, giving him the ability to smell at far distances or see clearly at 36,000 ft below sea level. Plus, he's a fantastic swimmer. I just don’t know why He’s seen as a joke. Aquaman is a true badass hero.

But then Aquaman's origins altered when the universe was rebooted during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Orin was the son of Queen Atlanna and Atlan, born heir to the throne of Atlantis before he was adopt by a bottlenose dolphin name Porm after Arthur was left when he was a baby to die on Mercy Reef, where his ability to communicate to sea life allowed him to be raised by Dolphins.

But then he meet Tom Curry, a lighthouse keeper who took him in as a son and named him Arthur Curry before his death. You know views, how about you learn about him all yourself so you can see how cool he is.

Sure maybe he have useless powers, constantly subject to ridicule but at least he not overpower like some heroes. I sometime wish they made a animated movie about Aquaman to know more about him.



2. Dawn from Pokémon series: Why does everyone hate Dawn anyway? Yes sure she is hated by some but too me there won't ever be a good enough explanation to explain why she deserver so much hate, and well yeah its mainly because Misty fanboys that hate her for not good reason.


But to me Dawn is okay for me, May is a okay too, Iris is cool and Misty is a okay too, and well for me each support Ash in one way and another. But crazed Misty fanboys still need to get over the fact your favorite main girl is gone and I am not complaining about it.


So there is no reason for Misty fanboys too go mad for her back and hate Dawn! I don't like Dawn that much but but I think she's the best girl in few occasion. I don't really know why people hate Dawn and I don't see a good reason for anyone to hate her. Dawn doesn't deserve to be hated by anyone, she's a good girl.


And before anyone give me that crap about Dawn is a mary-sue she doesn't act like a mary sue as so far I know about mary-sue is that a mary-sue is a usually a character in a story that is made to be way better than the other characters. It's usually used in terms of fan fiction, were a person takes their favorite character in an anime and makes them way better than they ever would be in the actual series they came from, and also they are perfect on everything.


So far Dawn never show any mary-sue quality she is not always perfect she can be good on something but in others she is not. So, any mary-sue excuse it's totally garbage for a hater who have not life but Dawn is only number two in this list so what character get hate more that her?



1. Princess Elise from Sonic 06: I know that so many fans hates Princess Elise but I see some qualities that people seem to overlook and so myself as one of the few people who actually kind-of enjoy Princess Elise, I feel that I need to defend the poor girl for immature haters.


First I like the relationship between Sonic and Elise it's charm and beautiful as I never see Sonic interact with a character like that before. Also, Elise make a better girlfriend for Sonic as she will never chases Sonic as an obsessive girl like Amy Rose. So, it make more sense that Sonic and Elise pairing it's more better that SonAmy.


And while I can't say much about her attraction for Sonic, I'd like to point out that inter-species romances have occurred before. Hedgehogs with squirrels, echidnas with bats, even foxes with plants and a famous game know as Mass Effect have inter-species romance everywhere, and do you hear any complaints about them?


Now, put the relationship between Sonic and Elise at side I will talk about why Princess Elise not deserver that so much hate from the people. Some people hate her because she a useless character that just ends up getting kidnapped.


Maybe she's not as action as other Sonic females, yes, but she's not that useless like you believe. As far as gameplay is concerned, she's able to use the power of Iblis in combination with Sonic's skills to create barriers and the like to protect the two from harm and allow them to walk over some surfaces like water, she helps with navigational duties and, perplexingly, she allows Sonic to run faster than he can by himself.


Even she get does get captured a lot, she doesn't just sit around like Princess Peach as she and Amy break out of Eggman's base after being captured one time and during another capture, she JUMPS OUT OF EGGMAN'S EGG-O-MATIC to get away from him, fully aware of the fact that she was probably committing suicide if she do that.


Ad the last time she's captured, it's because she's preserving her nation that Dr. Eggman had just threatened to blow Soleanna to hell if she didn't return and Elise, without hesitation, returns to Eggman to protect Soleanna. As she said: "It is my duty as princess of Soleanna to protect it. There is no other choice."


That's pretty damned noble from her learn a lesson here Princess Peach! Elise definitely isn't as violent or action oriented as other females but she doesn't have to be. She's still a badass who, with motivational coaching from Sonic, is capable of pulling off gutsy and badass schemes with the best of them while still retaining her responsibilities as a princess.


Some people hate her because she is design of character more suited to Final Fantasy game. Well, I can't exactly say that much about that as Sonic 06 in general was jarringly realistic after the anime-esq designs for humans that were used in past games.


Still, she's not exactly ugly but blame the people who not put to much effort on the humans graphic design. Also I'm a fan of Final Fantasy so I don't see ay problem on her design at all.


Some people hate her because she not a very developed character, rather dull personality and backstory. As a child, her mother died and her father started on the Solaris project to try and bring her back. Elise saw firsthand how dangerous the project can be and as a result, lost her father and was burdened with carrying the Flames Of Disaster within her.


In order to keep the seal and save the world from the horrors of Iblis, she had to shut off her emotions. Cut to present day where she has to keep up her stoic facade, deal with the burden of holding Iblis and now she has to protect it from a man who wants to steal it from her.


As she's doing this, she gets to know a hero known as Sonic, who teaches her to be more in tune with her emotions and do things for herself, not for others. She's a very reserved and sheltered girl who over the course of the game learns to come out of her shell and be herself.


As I mentioned on the subject of her usefulness, she's not as outgoing or loud as other Sonic females, but she doesn't need to be. And her backstory is about as deep as Sonic backstories get for anyone not in the comics or named Shadow.


Her entire characterization revolves around her learning NOT to be so selfless. She wants only to protect her nation and that the only thing she wants to keep is Sonic and even then she still gives him up. She cries and throws a bit of a tantrum at the end because she loves Sonic so much and values his friendship, but she ultimately gives even that up for the good of the world.


So, she is not selfish like many people believe. So yeah She's a princess who acts like a real princess so act. A lot of her hate comes from the game she appears in and that what the haters fail to realize.



Also, Princess Elise is a better princess than Peach for many good reason. Elise get kidnapped 3 time on one game, two against her own will and the last she have not option since Eggman threat her to blow up her people if she not return to him.


So, how many time Peach get kidnapped? Well, let's see if I can come up with an actual number for you views. Looking at the source know as Internet: Super Mario Bros, SMB2, SMB3, Super Mario World, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario 64, Paper Mario, Super Mario Sunshine, New Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Galaxy, NSMB Wii, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Super Mario 3D Land, NSMB2, Paper Mario Sticker Star, NSMB U.


A total of 16 time not including spin offs games. So, these who say that Elise is worst than Peach or Elise is like Peach, I will tell you go and do your research on it before judge. And for the worst of Peach is that her kidnapping has no purpose when Elise's kidnapping has a real purpose as she hold the flame of destruction on her body and Eggman want it when Peach has not purpose at all.


So there you have it my Top Ten Underappreciated Characters. I hope you enjoy this list and please if you disagreed make sure you give me a logical explanation also by respectful or otherwise I will also fight back anyway I see you guys and girls later.

Note: All pictures and characters belong to the original creators not my.

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V1EWT1FUL Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I agree
pkenshan Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014
''aquaman sucks''
big bang theory.
V1EWT1FUL Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sonicgirl1552000 Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Also, I like Vanille and Cosmo.
dhochoy Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2014
While I do agree people take their hate for Sakura Haruno too far at times, I don't think the vilification comes out of nowhere either. Kishimoto can't seem to get her character development in check and she doesn't really do anything worth of note after the fight with Sasori.

I definitely disagree with Bulma being underappreciated. While she may be overshadowed by the Saiyans, she not really deride for being useless nor is she bashed ridiculously. Hardly anyone denies her place in the series, and I also disagree with her being the most human character. That honor I believe would belong to Krillin.

Most of everything else I can totally understand though.
Sonicgirl1552000 Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
I hated Elise for the same reason as everyone else. I don't hate her now as much as I used to although she's still on my list of least favourite female characters. But now that I think about it, I find Sara from the Sonic OVA to be worst than her.
shadamylver Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2014
Preach it
buzeo3 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014
Orihime is mainly there for fanservie and a healer…but i hate her haters too since she is far from useless. She is not a direct fighter (not every character in an anime will be a direct fighter and some fans fail to understand this.  I mean, i remember people bashing Keiko from yuyuhakusho when SHE DOESNT EVEN HAVE ANY POWERS AND IS A NORMAL HUMAN!!!)
BUT YEA, orihime can reject reality. As Aizen said, her powers exceed the limitations set by life and Gods.

IMO, Sanji should be lower on the list cuz if u are a one piece fan, u would know how underrated and how many haters (mostly zoro fanboys) for him its stupid. YOu are right, people forget he is the only fighter with no special weapons, powers or a devil fruit and still is the top 3 strongest in the crew.  All he uses are his legs to hit people. Sanji is not my fav character ( someimtes hate his chivalry) but he has my fav fighting style and i am always excited to see him kick ass (even more than ZOro)

Also, Sakura is al Kishis fault for fucking her up
No matter what, i just cannot like her after the SAsori battle.  Kishi did good for her there…why did he just forget about someone deemed a main character?I can never like SAkrua and the most recent attitude with her and sasasuke, the manga just made it worse on her.  SHe is only caring about a person who could not give a shit about her, ignores naruto and still concentrates on SAsuke despite the whole team being in the most dangerous situation ever.

Bulma is def not underrated IMO so i don't know what you are talking about there.  IF anything , krillin and tien are underrated in DBZ.  Even Hercule is…but BUlma…def not underrated. 

I agree with you there….90% of those that hated Dawn are misty fans (same thing happened with MAy)
I like dawn a lot more than may cuz she had much better character development in the contests.  May just goes on winning her first ones even though she is a noob.  Dawn, lost but showed more realistic growth. ITs ironic, Dawn is the one with the talented mother in contests yet MAy showed more talent in the beginning winning like every fucking contest 
shadamylver Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
when it comes it BITCHES they take the cake
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I agree upon Fi and Sakura :D
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