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I :+fav: you work but I will not comments and not one can stop me :icondrevilplz: well maybe I comment some of the your artworks!


Summary: Spike always was madly in crush with Rarity but she not accept his love for her because of the age difference between them. Spike must learn to accept it, or go crazy and be depressed for the rest of his life. Oneshot.

Disclaimer: I do not own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic or it's characters, I only use it for my storied, and also be advise that my use of English writing skills are not of very high standards but I will definitely put in my best efforts to write properly and if you do not understand something let me know.


It was a cold and pleasant night at Ponyville. On the park, there was an purple-baby dragon, Spike was walking through the park of Ponyville on his way to the Library when he noticed the mare of his life the white unicorn, Rarity who was walking in the direction of her home that was also her work place.

"Okay, this is your chance..." Spike whispering to himself before he lick one of his hands to brush it on his green head-spike scale on the top of his head, "The opportunity that your waiting to tell her what you feel." He said before he ran toward the white-unicorn Rarity, "Hey Rarity!" He called to Rarity catching her attentions.

Rarity merely looked over the purple dragon, "Oh hey Spike-wikey, what's up?" She asked, with a genuine smile as she watch Spike stop front of her panting for air while having drops of sweat run down his forehead.

Spike then stop panting while he was trying to hide his blush, but he fail, to hide the blush that spread across both his cheeks scale, "Can I talk to you?" He asked after he look away while he was still blushing.

"Sure, my dear Spike." Rarity respond with a smile on her face, "It's something wrong?" She asked noticing the baby dragon blushing, and Spike shake his head to let her know that everything was fine.

Spike took a deep breath, before starting, "Rarity, I should've have told you this a long time ago." He then look at Rarity while he was playing with his fingers because he was was nervous for the situation, "I feel like I never deserved all your kindness.. but I guess I only acted like that because I was trying to hide my true feelings for..."

Rarity interrupts still having a smile on her face, "Oh, Spike-wikey..." Rarity said, "You don't..." She was interrupted by Spike.

"No wait let me finish." Spike said, "For a long time now, I've always... liked you." He take an big breath before talk, "I love you..." He said as he walk toward Rarity as he was blushing, "I love you more than just a friend, Rarity you're my everything, you truly are my..." He was interrupted by Rarity who chuckle.

Rarity stop chuckle and cupped Spike's head in her hooves, "Oh Spike, you're a nice little dragon, but I'm too old for you. It would never work out between us." Rarity respond with a calm voice as she pulled her hoofs away, "I'm sorry... I don't feel that way about you. Besides you'll get over this silly little crush."

Spike curve his fist angrily at the words, "Rarity! This isn't some silly little crush that I have on you!" He exclaimed angrily, slamming her feet into the ground as his eyes began to glaze over.

"Now, now dear, calm down." Rarity said as she look Spike nervous and she was also trying to calm Spike down.

"Don't you get it Rarity!? I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU FOR REAL!" Spike shouted as she felt a tear drop into his cheeks.

"How would you know!" Rarity asked while she wait for Spike to respond.

"Because I've loved you since I can remember!" Spike shouted as more tears began to pour out.

"Look Spike, you'll find somepony at your ages and you'll be happy with her!" Rarity said when she cup Spike head for a short moment before she low her hooves.

"Don't you get it Rarity! I want YOU!" Spike respond and he began to break down when he felt his heart broke into pieces.

"Spike, is time for me to tell you this!" Rarity said while she was looking over Spike with a seriously expression on her face and Spike was looking sad, "Spike, for once I will tell you this! I do NOT want you to chase me around like a puppy dog, or tell everypony that I'm your girlfriend, or keep saying that we're gonna get married, you got it?"

Spike glaze, "Rarity?" He said as he rubbing his tail as tears started to form in his eyes.

"I like you as a friend, but that's it! There's never gonna be anything between us, so please stop following me!" Rarity said to Spike while she sadly watch Spike who was crying, "You're a great dragon and also a great friend, but we're just friends, and we can be friends, but that is it!" She said, "I'm gonna say it one last time for you... there will never be anything between us, so please stop following me like a puppy dog! Do you understand me?"

While Rarity stared at Spike, and saw that he was fighting back his tears as the words cut right to his fragile heart, he respond with a sad voice, "Y, yes, Rarity... I... I understand..." Spike whispered, closing his eyes and really struggling to hold back his tears now.

"Good..." Rarity said as she smile a bit, "Glad that we got that done. Well, have a good day!" She said as she just turned around and walk off into her place, vanishing down the road into the distance.

Then Spike opened his eyes and watched her go while his eyes never leaving from the spot that Rarity vanished to. The baby dragon just stood in the grass for what seemed like hours before he started to run toward the library with teary eyes.


An hour later, the unicorn Twilight Sparkle enter to the library with a smile on her face before she hear someone crying. She walk to the stairs and saw Spike cuddling on a corner of a wall, "Spike?" Twilight called as she walk toward the baby dragon who was crying and sniffing.

"GO AWAY!" Spike shouted while he was hiding in the corner of a wall.

"Spike... please look at me." Twilight said as she was getting worry for Spike.

"Why? You're just going to tell me to stop crying and get over this!" Spike respond still on tears and not looking at her.

"I won't... For whatever is wrong with you..." Twilight said as she was confused, "May you please look over me?" She asked as she get a little near Spike's side.

A moment passed, and Spike finally turn around to see Twilight front of him, he prompt leap right into the wall, facing away from Twilight. Twilight Sparkle sat on Spike's side, rubbing Spike's head with her hoofs, "What's got you so upset?" Twilight asked as she smile a little.

"It's..." Spike sniffled and removed one tear of his eye, "It's just that... I hate Rarity! I hate her... because she doesn't love me! And I love her! After I confessed my feelings for her, but she hates me..."

"Spike, she loves you." Twilight respond, "It's just... she's in love with some stallion else."

"But I'm in love with her!" Spike said removing more of his tears of his eyes.

Twilight sighed, "I understand that you feel that way, but... try to understand that it's just admiration that you feel for her. She's like an older sister to you and nothing more."

"Why does everypony keep saying that?" Spike cried as he was getting angry about Twilight's words, "First Applejack, then Rainbow Dash and now you. You think I'm just a kid? You think I don't know what love is?"

"I can honestly say you don't, Spike" Twilight said before she sigh and calm herself down, "You're still too young. You're not quite experienced yet."

"You don't know anything!" Spike cried, burying her face in her knees.

Twilight sight, "Anyway, even if she did love you the way you say you love her, I would never allow it. She's too old for you. I'll beat her up and put her through hell before I let her even put a hooves on you."

Spike sniffled, "That just shows how ignorant you are... You do not know how love feel..."

Twilight sighed, "No Spike... I think I know what love is. You wouldn't know you're too young! You're too young to know the difference between a silly little crush and love!"

Spike released more tears of his eyes, "Stop it!" He said as he cover his ears.

"It's okay Spike." Twilight said and she hug Spike and snuggle her head on him.

"I love her and I've always have." Spike said as he was crying on Twilight hooves.

"She's too old for you... How do you know its real love?" Twilight asked and she look over Spike.

"I can't explain the feeling she gives me when I'm near her. This feeling drives me crazy." Spike respond while he still have some tears on his eyes.

"I know that feeling Spike." Twilight said, "I know you would have." She said as she gave Spike a kiss on his forehead, and she was going to hug Spike when there was knock on the door, "Who is it?" She called.

"It's me, Rarity..."

"Oh Celestia..." Spike said while he run toward his bed and slammed his pillow on top of his head.

Twilight stood back up and opened the door, "Hey Rarity." She said with a smile on her face, "What can I do for you?"

"Twilight dear... Would it be alright if I speak to Spike?" Rarity asked as she was nervous, "Alone?"

The purple unicorn Twilight nodded, and left the two alone, closing the door behind her. Rarity walk toward Spike's bed and stop front on it, shaking the dragon's shoulder, "Hey. Come outta there. I don't want you to suffocate." Rarity said while she was shaking the baby dragon bed.

Then baby dragon Spike slowly sat back up, his back turned against Rarity, "Listen..." Rarity began, "I know you must be upset and hate me, and I don't blame you for that Spike, but listen..." She said but Spike did not look at her.

"I'm really sorry that we didn't talk about this ever more and how you probably would have felt." Rarity said as she felt guilty, "I would never, EVER intend to hurt your feelings. You're one of my best friends, and I love you."

"CAN IT!" Spike cried with a angry voice and sniff is nose, "Don't say you love me unless you mean it!"

Rarity sighed, "When I say I love you, I mean you're like a little brother to me. You mean a lot, especially after all you always was nice with me. Hey I'm flattered you have such feelings for me, especially knowing that you're not after me for my looks or my cash." She said and Spike couldn't help but snicker, "Hey, I hear ya laughing?" Rarity asked with a smiled.

Spike turned slightly towards the white-mare, "So... you have feelings for me?"

Rarity frowned, "Well..." She sighed, "Spike, I'm sorry..."

Spike turned around again so his back was to Rarity, "Go figure...!"

"Spike, please try to understand! You've got your whole life ahead of you, and I've got to start planning a family before I grow old and die!" Rarity said with a little sad expression, and Spike was in silent as he was still crying, "Listen... you and I are ALWAYS going to be friends. Nothing will ever come between that." She said putting a hoof on the dragon shoulder.

"Friends...?" Spike murmured looking down at the floor.

"Yes... best friends! I'm sorry that you and I won't work out and probably never will... but I love you as a brother. You are a special dragon, and I'm sure you will find somepony else." Rarity respond with a smile on her face, and Spike then remove some tears of his eyes, and turn around to face Rarity, "Spike... at the very least, can you just accept my friendship with you? It would mean a lot to me..."

Spike just nodded with his head making Rarity to smiled, "Oh, thank you my Spikey-wikey." Rarity reached over and hugged Spike, "Remember, you'll always hold a special place in my heart, and I'm glad I could see you again." She said before she walk to the library door and open it, and saw Twilight front on it.

Spike wiped the tears from his eyes before jumping off the bed and walk toward Rarity, "Rarity, can I still visit you and helping you on your works?" He asked with a small smile on his face.

"Of course, Spike." Rarity respond, "You always welcome." She said as she hug Spike before walk away. When Twilight and Spike wave her a goodbye before enter to the library and shut the door.

The End.
Spike's Crushed
A fiction that I post in but I want to update it and post it here.


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Hi My name is Felix Jonathan I'm an anthro and pony artist. I do not draw humans because are almost impossible for me but I will practice to draw them. I also only draw females and only draw males in few occasion because males body are also hard to draw.

I'm very weak in social interaction, I'm don't talk much except when I caught in subject I really interest on, and I role playing as well.

I have many types of characters that I use in role play but some of them are hard to use since they are self-aware. Also I have to address that whatever happen on the role-play it will not change the official characters so you can relax about it.

Also if you have taken an interest in one of my characters, please do not put them in any sexually explicit situations or any involvement in any extreme fetishes and do not put them in any sex relationship with other or your character without my permission thank you.

I ROLEPLAY!! Come send me a note if you want to RP with my character send me a note or visit me on my FA account and send me a note there.

I like roleplaying I like the adventures when but if you are of those who take the roleplaying seriously I recommend that you grow up and if you not want to grow up then do not roleplaying!

I like art of any kind like handmade and digitals, so if :+fav: your arts is that I like your arts.

Everything I write is perfectly corrects and if you going to annoy me with the spelling or translate shit I recommend you to look to your own comments.

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Hola mi nombre es Félix y soy de Puerto Rico Me gusta el arte de cualquier tipo, como hecho a mano y digitales de, por lo que si :+fav: sus arte es que me gusta sus arte.

Me gusta el RP que me gusta las aventuras, pero si eres de los que toman el rp en serio te recomiendo que crecesca y si no quieres crecer, entonces no jueges el rp!

Todo lo que escribo es perfectamente correcto pero si me vas a molestar con la ortografía o traducir mierda te recomiendo mirar a tus propios comentarios!

No tengo tolerancia para los Trolls, Ateo mierda, Mierda cristianismo, Drama acerca de tu vida, pornografía y Todo lo que tienen que ver con los problemas!


Current Residence: Puerto Rico, Carolina. The Felix World and you World
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