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The dragon and the pegasus
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I :+fav: you work but I will not comments and not one can stop me :icondrevilplz: well maybe I comment some of the your artworks!


My SImple Gaming Setup by DawnFelix
My SImple Gaming Setup
So this is what my gaming station looks like XD Well this is my new gaming setup but you people never saw how the old one look XD My Play Station 3 and my Xbox 360, my Wii is off screen XD The top it is some of my game collections, and then my fan and my speakers. They all old but they all still working so they all fine for me :) Sorry for the quality I took the picture with my 3DS.


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Puerto Rico…



Species: Fallen Angel/Being of Light and Darkness

Age: 23

Personal quote: There are things I refuse to tolerate and those are cowardice, cheap excuse and discrimination!

Favorite movie: Horror, Action, Fantasy, Comedic, Cartoon

Favorite game: All fantasy, action and rpg games

Favorite game platform: All them

Music player of choice: Video Game music

Favorite artist: All them

Favorite food: The souls of sinners, demons and angels, Fruits


Hi My name is Felix Jonathan I'm an anthro and pony artist. I do not draw humans because are almost impossible for me but I will practice to draw them. I also only draw females and only draw males in few occasion because males body are also hard to draw.

I'm very weak in social interaction, I'm don't talk much except when I caught in subject I really interest on, and I role playing as well.

I have many types of characters that I use in role play but some of them are hard to use since they are self-aware. Also I have to address that whatever happen on the role-play it will not change the official characters so you can relax about it.

Also if you have taken an interest in one of my characters, please do not put them in any sexually explicit situations or any involvement in any extreme fetishes and do not put them in any sex relationship with other or your character without my permission thank you.

I ROLEPLAY!! Come send me a note if you want to RP with my character send me a note or visit me on my FA account and send me a note there.

I like roleplaying I like the adventures when but if you are of those who take the roleplaying seriously I recommend that you grow up and if you not want to grow up then do not roleplaying!

I like art of any kind like handmade and digitals, so if :+fav: your arts is that I like your arts.

Everything I write is perfectly corrects and if you going to annoy me with the spelling or translate shit I recommend you to look to your own comments.

I have no tolerance for Trollings, Atheist bullshit, Christianity bullshit, Drama about your life, and Everthing as have to do with problems!


Especie: Angel Caido / Ser de Luz y la Oscuridad

Edad: 20

Personal Quote: Hay cosas que niego a tolerar y esos son la cobardía, la excusa barata y la discriminación!

Película favorita: Horror, Acción, Fantasía, Comedia, Dibujos Animados

Juego preferido: Todos los juegos de fantasía, acción y RPG

Plataforma de juego favorito: Todos

Producto de música favoritos: La música de los videojuegos

Artista favorito: Todos Ellos

Comida favorita: Las almas de los pecadores, demonios y ángeles, frutas

Hola mi nombre es Félix y soy de Puerto Rico Me gusta el arte de cualquier tipo, como hecho a mano y digitales de, por lo que si :+fav: sus arte es que me gusta sus arte.

Me gusta el RP que me gusta las aventuras, pero si eres de los que toman el rp en serio te recomiendo que crecesca y si no quieres crecer, entonces no jueges el rp!

Todo lo que escribo es perfectamente correcto pero si me vas a molestar con la ortografía o traducir mierda te recomiendo mirar a tus propios comentarios!

No tengo tolerancia para los Trolls, Ateo mierda, Mierda cristianismo, Drama acerca de tu vida, pornografía y Todo lo que tienen que ver con los problemas!


Current Residence: Puerto Rico, Carolina. The Felix World and you World
Favourite style of art: Depent in want i want to draw.
Favourite cartoon character: Takato Renamon and more
Personal Quote: Block only make you lest small and more stupid XD


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Journal History

I know that taking criticism can be a difficult thing, I mean I write fanfiction and I have to deal with these peeve all the time, but I wouldn't let that affect me. But when you create something such a video game, movie, fanfiction, manga, comic book etc and release to the public. At some point in this arts world so dependent on reviews and opinions, you will encounter a customer or audience member maybe even a reviewer who wants to tell you how to do things better. It can be hard to deal with after all, nobody likes to be told they're wrong. But it's not all bad news... well, sometime I mean some people use criticism to be assholes/bitch, but some use criticism to give you a competitive edge.

If someone has a criticism it means they want to give you feedback on what you're doing for them that means an opportunity to learn more about the person who is your fan or hater for and how to convert them into a satisfied customer or audience member. Take a moment to think before you respond to what they're saying in business, working with someone who is patient and able to receive and act on criticism means both parties can work towards a better outcome. For a play or production, it might mean getting to know what your audience actually want.

Feedback helps make your product stronger and if you always think you're right but don't get feedback from anyone else, how do you know for sure that what you're doing is any good? Whether you're selling or performing, whether it's a product or service, listening and acting on those honest reviews will tell you precisely what's good and what can be done better. The keyword here is "honest review" I know there are review that are not honest, I mean a lot of review threat Sonic 06 like the black-cheep of the Sonic franchise, and when I play Sonic 06 it was pretty awesome for me! The music, the graphics, the storyline, and the characters it was all at least pretty good which mean it was not bad like every critics want you to think.

A honest critic is a person who experience something before judge, I mean calling a game, movie, tv show anything you want to talk about it bad is like calling someone food bad when you so know that not everyone will share the same taste. Constructive criticism can guide you away from bad practices and towards good ones may depend what constructive criticism you're listen. Try to be objective and look at what you're providing as though it's not yours. This can be particularly difficult when you're deeply involved in a project but, if you can take a step back, you might see how to improve your way of working and avoid any negative outcomes down the road.

Did you need a more specific brief? Was there something you missed in the early stages of the project? Think about it... if you can get a customer to tell you and just you on how to give them the perfect product or service, that's information you've got that no one else has. That puts you at an advantage over your competition and can be used again in the future to get things right, even faster. Find ways to squeeze that information from your client or audience and get them to tell you what they really want.

The way you respond to criticism is vitally important by trying to avoid getting into an argument. Instead, turn the exchange into a discussion about how to resolve the problem the more civilized way. This way you're still in a position to get paid and you'll waste less time guessing how to put things right, and it will turn your words into action to show that you can listen to feedback, respond in the correct way and still get the job done.

Also don't take it personally if someone doesn't immediately like your work. Even if you feel you're being criticized unfairly, don't retaliate with an extreme knee-jerk reaction or else you can irreparably damage your prospect of working with that client or audience and can even harm your reputation as well something that Indie Game Developers so know too. There will be occasions when you feel the criticism is personal and, now and then, you'll be right specially is someone insult you.

But, people are fallible and it's important to remember to not be offended by someone's remarks. However, a good professional is able to take criticism on board and not respond as though it's a personal attack. They are also able to make it work to their advantage or, if all else fails, politely conclude the partnership and leave with their reputation intact.

Dealing with criticism positively is an important life skill and in some point in your life you will be criticized, perhaps in a professional way. Sometimes it will be difficult to accept but that all depends on who is criticize your work, but in end you have to show them you're a mature person who can take feedback and also never let the haters get you because behind every success person lies pack haters.

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